Mobile Projects

Our Mobile and Web Solutions Team is well versed in the development of native and web applications running on iOS and Android. They're skilled in technologies like SharePoint, Angular, RESTful Web Services, PhoneGap, and a whole lot more.

Below are a few examples of ways our solutions team has utilized mobile technologies to provide practical solutions to our customers. You can find even more information over on our Case Studies page.

Cross Platform Functionality

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We provided leadership in a project to quickly transform an existing Windows 8 tablet-based application into a cross-platform, web-based application. Implementing a Single Page Architecture and utilizing our technical expertise in Angular.js, C#, HTML5, CSS3, and RESTful web services, we aided in delivering the client's web app within six months.

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Mobile Healthcare Benefits

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We helped build an application that put client's healthcare information at their fingertips wherever they may be. Via this app, users can gain instant access to their detailed health insurance information right from their mobile devices. This app was built utilizing PhoneGap, Backbone.js, Jquery mobile, HTML5, CSS3, and RESTful API.

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Franchise Management

We built an extensive application that took all of the elements needed to manage a franchise, and loaded them into one application. The app can be installed on any Android or iOS device, and can also be accessed via the web. To build the application, the team utilized an array of technologies including: Backbone.js, Jquery mobile, PhoneGap, HTML5, CSS3, SSRS, C#,.NET, and RESTful Web Service for communicating with AS500, SharePoint and SQL Server.

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Native, Web, and Hybrid Apps


With so much of our lives taking place on our phone screens, it's important to understand the different benefits that different types of mobile applications provide. IBS can work with your business to decide if a native, web, or hybrid app is most appropriate for your needs. We can provide you with any type of application on any platform, including iOS, Windows, and Android.

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