IBS Angular Practice Builds Responsive, User-Friendly Insurance Consumer Portal

The Client

For over 130 years, the client has provided rural communities across the country with auto, farm, and homeowner insurance options. The client and their independent agents strive to deliver personable interactions and excellent customer service to all of their policy holders.

The Challenge

The client identified the need to provide their customers with an intuitive, mobile-friendly consumer portal. This web-based application needed to facilitate self-service tasks, allow customers to pay online, and present basic policy information to policy holders. Nearly 15 years prior, IBS built this client's agent web portal. Confident in IBS' experience and expertise in building consumer portals, they engaged IBS to take on this complex development project.

The Solution

To construct this new consumer portal, IBS followed its proven agile, feature-driven development process, which began with validating the requirements and agreeing on a delivery timeline. In the construction phase, “features” were created based on functionality crucial to the client, and were delivered in two-week iterations. The client was instrumental in viewing and testing each feature to ensure IBS effectively managed their vision.

IBS kept the client involved throughout the process, providing deliverables like status reports, project timelines, code, notes from meetings, lists of user stories, and test plans. The final phase involved end-to-end testing and launching the web application. After project completion, IBS conducted a full knowledge transfer and application walkthrough to the client's IT staff and business users.

The Results

The client’s policy holders now have an intuitive consumer portal that they can conveniently access via desktop or mobile device. Upon entering the consumer portal for the first time, a policy holder is required to complete a three-step registration process that includes email validation. Once logged in, the user has the ability to manage their user profile, view policy documents, and print ID cards.

The ability to use a mobile device to view claims information and documentation, as well as make online payments has significantly improved the claims submittal and billing processes for the client and their customers. This improved efficiency allows the client to better service more customers and saves policy holders time by providing easy access to critical information.

With the help of the IBS Angular Practice, the client has improved ROI and can continue providing policy holders with excellent and personalized customer service.

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Technologies used:

  • Angular
  • HTML 5
  • CSS3
  • Web API
  • RESTful Web Services
  • C#
  • Insuresoft Diamond