IBS’ Offshore QA Practice Reduces Client’s Costs And Increases Speed To Market

The Client

The client helps retailers, merchants and healthcare practices provide customers with an easy and secure platform for financing purchases. They deliver a full end-to-end enterprise solution that simplifies the financing experience for customers and staff in retail locations by replacing the tedious loan application, approval and signature process of multiple lenders with one common interface.

The Challenge

The client works directly with financial institutions, so it’s a big undertaking when a new customer is onboarded, and when changes are made in legislation, regulations or customer contracts. The online application must reflect these changes each and every time they occur. This means their developers have to modify the application, followed by manual functional and regression QA.

These manual QA processes were outsourced to an IT services provider. Despite promising the client that they could handle the automation of their regression QA process, they were unable to get it done over a two years span. As automation testing, cost-reduction, and long-term scalability became top priorities, the client realized they would have to look elsewhere to get the job done.

The Solution

The client sought out IBS for its Offshore QA Practice in order to streamline their QA process and save on costs. They liked the fact that IBS has its own offshore team, and that the project was not simply being outsourced overseas. They were also impressed with the IBS offshore team’s low turnover rate and felt confident knowing the same people working on the project at the start would be there through the entire lifecycle.

In addition to a project manager, IBS assigned a number of a resources that can be added and taken away as needed. The client’s previous outsourcer was unable to tackle their QA automation needs after two years of handling their manual QA process. IBS took two weeks to onboard, taking over the manual functional and regression QA processes, and began automating regression testing within one month.

The Results

The client now has a dedicated Offshore QA Practice handling manual functional testing and automated regression testing. Working with IBS to address their QA needs has provided them with a higher quality process with faster-speed-to-market, allowing them to get more done with fewer resources.

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Technologies used:

  • Selenium
  • C#
  • Unfuddle
  • AgilePad