Jaime Hunter: A Dedicated Community Service Leader

If you’ve contacted anyone at IBS in Cincinnati, you’ve interacted with Jaime Hunter. She's the one who answers the phone, and she’s the first person you see when you walk in the door (provided someone’s not bugging her about reformatting a resume or getting new pretzels in the break room). But that's not all that she does.

Jaime joined the IBS team in December 1993 when she was a senior in high school. Her alma mater, Milford High School, had a co-op program that put her in a part time data entry position here at IBS. After graduating, she stayed on with the company, eventually becoming Cincinnati’s Branch Administrator and the face of the Cincinnati office. There’s a fun and lighthearted rapport that everyone at the office has with Jaime. She claims that some of them might as well be her brothers and sisters.

Not only is she the face of the Cincinnati office, but the backbone as well. “Jaime is the reason things run as smoothly as they do here,” said Jeff Jorgensen, Vice President. “I truly don’t know what we would do without her.”

Every one of the consultants based in Cincinnati knows her pretty well too (and even a few from our other branches). “Everything flows through Jaime,” said Jim Flamm, former IBS consultant. “She’s always several steps ahead. There was never an instance where I had to wait for information or had to remind her of an item. She’s always very kind, and a good friend.”

Though many interact with her on a daily basis, fewer know who Jaime is outside of the office.

When she’s not busy as the backbone of the IBS Cincinnati office, Jaime is a dedicated daughter, sister, aunt, and leader of her community. Jaime has been a member of the Beta Sigma Phi sorority since the age of 18. Unlike other sororities, BSP is not university-based. Rather, it is a social club with a heavy focus on community service.

“Though I officially became a member when I was 18, I’ve been with Beta Sigma Phi unofficially since I was ten,” Jaime said. “That’s when my mother joined. I attended many of the socials with her, and community service has always been really important to me. It just seemed natural for me to continue giving back to the community by donating my time to charities via the sorority.”

Jaime was considered a legacy member when she joined, thanks to her mother, Jessie Hansen. She was, and still is, the youngest BSP member in Cincinnati, and has been an incredibly active and involved member of the sorority since she joined 18 years ago.

Instead of merely joining one of the existing BSP chapters in Cincinnati, Jaime decided to start her own. She recruited four of her close high school friends, and together they became the founders of Beta Zeta. That first year they impressively won the citywide Chapter of the Year award, though the chapter has since disbanded. She is now a member of Laureate Epsilon Gamma (lovingly referred to as “leg”), one of Cincinnati’s six Beta Sigma Phi chapters.

Over the years, Jaime has filled a number of different chapter roles. This past May, she again became chapter president. In 2010, she was the president of BSP City Council, which is a board that oversees all six Cincinnati chapters. “It was a lot of responsibility,” Jaime said. “I was a hot mess that year.”

Some of those other roles she’s fulfilled include recording secretary, corresponding secretary and extension officer. One position she refuses to fill? Treasurer. “I can do all of those other jobs, I just can’t work with money!” she laughs.

Though acting as treasurer might not be her forte, one of her strong suits is certainly event organization. For the past two years, Jaime was on the board for the annual BSP Ohio State Convention, which took place in Cincinnati earlier this year. Nearly 200 attended the weekend-long event, and Jaime was in charge of the big Saturday night “Casino Royale” dinner alongside two co-chairs. They turned the hotel conference center into a casino, and James Bond (one of the hotel employees in costume) even made an appearance. Instead of gambling with money, raffle tickets were the reward for winning the high stakes games, and Jaime was responsible for getting the many fabulous prizes that were up for grabs.

Though these social events are a lot of fun, Jaime especially loves the service aspect of being a Beta Sigma Phi. “We work with different charities all over Cincinnati,” Jaime said. “We try to work with as many different ones as we can throughout the year.”

IBS sponsors Beta Sigma Phi’s yearly Thanksgiving Pancake Breakfast by providing the funds to buy the supplies and ingredients needed. The breakfast benefits the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House, which costs $25 per night. The breakfast is always a huge undertaking, and is one of the sorority’s favorite service events each year.

Other organizations they work with include the Over the Rhine Learning Center, St. Vincent DePaul, St. Rita’s School for the Deaf, the Special Olympics, Project Linus, and various food banks throughout the city.

Dedicated is certainly a word that describes Jaime Hunter in all that she does. We are proud to have her on our team.