A Safe Environment for Learning Gives Children a Chance

Interactive Business Systems, Inc. (IBS) recently donated funds to help the Rotary Club of Tiruchirappali Fort, located in India, in its building and servicing of multiple centers for preschoolers in the slums of Tiruchirappali (or Trichy). 

Through donations by individuals and organizations, as well as matching grants, the Rotary Club’s program, called “Children Development Project,” has built five preschool centers over the past five years in the slums of Trichy. Each center gives supervised play-based education and two healthy meals a day to children aged 2-1/2 to 5 who otherwise might have been left alone while their parents sought work. Up to 25 children are served in each of the centers.

Financial assistance provided by IBS will support the Rotary Club in upgrading the centers with permanent floors, walls and roofs, and the creation of a physical separation between meal preparation and the teaching and play area to reduce distraction and noise. In addition, the Club will be adding toilets and potable water for the centers that do not currently have them.

The vision for these centers is to provide a safe, sanitary and caring environment to the children, as well as giving them an educational head start so they can move on to public schools and earn an education to prepare them for jobs. Indeed, the Children Development Project has had students continue on to public schools and a few have gained modest jobs.

“The Rotary Club of Tiruchirappali Fort is doing terrific work to help people in their city,” said Dan Williams, President of IBS. “These preschool centers give structure and a safe environment to the children. We’re proud to be able to help the Rotary Club give a helping hand to families.”

About The Rotary Club of Tiruchirappali Fort
The Rotary Club of Trichy Fort was founded in 1968, and has been providing much-needed community services in Tiruchirappali, India, including medical screenings, donated funds for surgeries, blood drives, food relief during recent floods and funds for wells. Visit Rotary Club of Trichy Fort’s website to learn more.