Ryan Sturgis | Branch Manager, Downtown Chicago

Ryan Sturgis hails from Lake Bluff, Illinois on Chicago’s North Shore. A graduate of Vanderbilt University’s Political Science program, Ryan loved the school for its arts and media programs, under which he produced and performed in Vanderbilt’s Original Cast.

A true foodie and resident of Chicago’s West Loop, Ryan loves being able to explore all of the city’s cultural and historical attractions. He enjoys the vibrant theatre scene in the city of Chicago, and exploring the hotbed of new galleries, bars, boutiques and restaurants in the west loop. Ryan loves reading anything by John Irving, cooking for friends and family, and watching anything on Netflix (he has unbridled devotion for terrible movies). He serves on the board for It Can Be Done! a charity that focuses on the construction of clean and accessible water solutions for the Uru region of Africa. Much like consulting, serving for this cause is another example of Ryan’s passion for counseling and advocacy.

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Ryan has been in the ecommerce and IT business for over 6 years. “I was drawn to IBS by both its culture and investment in its clients. It is rare in this industry to see longevity of relationships, in what can be a transactional business. The passion and humility of every employee and consultant of this firm is evident every day when I walk into the office.”

He adds, “We are truly a family, whether you are talking about our consultants, leadership or our clients. This critical attribute allows for an unprecedented level of collaboration. Whether you are a consultant looking for employment, a manager looking for the right person to helm a critical project, or a stakeholder trying to solve a problem in the constantly evolving tech marketplace, IBS’ investment in its people and the industry is strikingly unique. It is such an exciting time for me, personally, to introduce our consulting and advisory services to the downtown Chicago business community."

Ryan looks forward to traveling to Europe this year, after a life-changing adventure in Greece. 

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