SharePoint Projects

The IBS Mobile & Web Solutions Team are SharePoint experts and will work with you to decide how to best implement SharePoint into your business processes, or improve upon the ones you already have in place. Our team knows how to leverage the extensive collaboration and productivity benefits of SharePoint. Whether your company needs a mobile application, web app, or intranet, IBS can provide you with a SharePoint solution that meets your requirements.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of SharePoint:

  • Simplified records and document management
  • Workflow automation
  • Improved team productivity and collaboration
  • Comprehensive content control
  • Increased information security
  • Accelerated systems integration

IBS is a certified SharePoint Deployment and Planning Services Partner and has achieved Microsoft Gold status for Competency in Application Development and for Portals & Collaboration.

SharePoint Roadmaps

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IBS conducted extensive research on a client's business processes to identify issues and craft solutions. We decided to develop a SharePoint roadmap, which would help better organize the client and allow them to reach a more diverse, global audience. Using SharePoint 2013, Online, Designer, and Workflow, our developers implemented out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality to increase the client's efficiency.

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Risk Mitigation

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A longstanding client's current change order request process lacked efficiency and opened the door to potential risk. The client turned to IBS and asked us to come up with a solution that would help their process run smoother and smarter, eliminating the possibility of risk. The Solutions Group utilized SharePoint to meet these goals.

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Automate IT Service Requests

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An insurance company reached out to IBS and asked us to help automate their IT service request process. The current, manual process took too long and cluttered up the employees' inboxes. Utilizing SharePoint, we built a customizable site that easily allows the client to manage, modify, and audit these requests.

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Managing Internal Processes

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The IBS Solutions Group modernized a global salt provider's intranet using SharePoint, allowing employees to efficiently and effectively collaborate. Product detail pages give employees access to see who is working on what product and allows them to communicate with one another using a comment function. Group memberships are now fully managed as well.

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