Chris Douglas

IBS recruiter Chris Douglas is a native of Waterford, Michigan, located about an hour outside of Detroit. A graduate of Central Michigan University, he earned his Bachelor's in Human Resources with a minor in Psychology. During his time at CMU, he played club basketball and was a member of the Society for Human Resource Management.

Chris has since ventured back to his hometown of Waterford, where he spends his time doing a variety of different things. "I really enjoy comics," Chris said. "So much, that I attend the Motor City Comic Con every year (in costume of course). I am more of a Marvel fan than DC, but love both. I have been a  Batman fan since I was younger (DC) and my first comic I ever read was Daredevil (Marvel)." He also loves spending time with his 5 nieces and nephews.

“I recently snapped my Achilles and am in the process of getting back to-sports ready health," Chris added. "I am excited to get back to football, basketball, kickball, softball, and running 5ks—Warrior Dash is my favorite!"

When it comes to working at IBS, Chris had this to say: “I like being involved in the total process of bringing on talented consultants. I am happy to have celebrated my 5th year anniversary with IBS. I work with such great people!"

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Lightning Round

Favorite Book:The Illiad by Homer

Favorite TV Shows: Bob's Burgers, The Walking Dead, Preacher, and a lot of cartoons. I own all of the Doug DVDs!

Favorite Movie: The Thing

Favorite Music: My little brother and his rap group Clear Soul Forces are on tour in Europe and I love his music. Other than that, pretty much just whatever is on.

Describe your ideal meal: It really depends on how hungry I am. Let's just assume starving: Grilled turkey, hamburger, pie, my mom's chicken, my step-mom's famous salad, and some cookies my dad baked. Then consider me unconscious.