Karen Wyland

SAS Admininstrator/Developer/Analyst Karen Wyland is from Sandston, Virginia (near Richmond) and now resides in Loveland, Ohio. She attended Golden Gate University in San Francisco, where she received a B.S. in Computer Science and an M.S. in Management of Technology.

“Many friends and family members wondered what on earth I'm doing in technology (specifically programming), since my early profession was as a ballerina in New York City,” Karen says. “But there is a strong relationship between dance and music Research suggests music influences math and reasoning, such as you might experience in playing out several moves ahead in a game of chess.”

Outside of the office, Karen likes watching Little League baseball and gardening. The arts are really important to her, and she also enjoys photography and teaching. “I'm rather obsessive about figuring out puzzles and designing a strategy to get there,” she adds. “I suppose all those years of repeated spatial patterns accompanied by music made me a likely student of programming!”

“One thing I love about IBS is that I feel as if the company is made up of my family and friends,” Karen says. “I never feel like I’m just a ‘cog in the wheel.’ That continually surprises me.”

Lightning Round

Favorite Movie: Somewhere in Time

Favorite TV Shows: 
CBS Sunday Morning or 60 Minutes…those are always interesting!

Favorite Book:
The Little Prince

Favorite Musician:
Bruno Mars

Describe your ideal meal: Freshly caught mussels or clams with anything, eaten on a beach on the Pacific Ocean