Rongjau Lin

Rongjau Lin comes to IBS all the way from Taiwan, where he attended Tsing-Hua University. Wanting to further his education, Rongjau decided to go to The Ohio State University for his Ph.D in mechanical engineering. He now lives in Cincinnati and works as a software developer.

“As a mechanical engineer, I have done a lot of software implementation with mechanical and electrical systems,” Rongjau said. “I found that I like working on software design/development, coding, debugging, and problem solving. I enjoy learning new technologies. I think this enjoyment and curiosity helped drive me to where I am today.”

As someone who enjoys challenges and seeing accomplishment, Rongjau likes gardening and working on DIY projects in his spare time. He also is a big OSU football fan and watches some of their games in the fall.

Rongjau’s favorite thing about working with IBS is the friendly workplace culture. “IBS really cares about their employees,” he said. “It feels like a family.”

Lightning Round

Favorite Book: Anything related to science, technology, or the economy

Favorite Music: 
Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, and Britney Spears

Describe your ideal meal: I like natural food, not a lot of seasoning!