Suresh Kumar

Suresh Kumar works as a Mainframe Programmer/Analyst in Monroe, Wisconsin. He grew up in Uttar Pradesh, India, where he also attended college at the Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology. Suresh has degrees in Electronics and Communication, and was drawn to those fields because he enjoys processing capabilities, automation, realtime abilities, and application development.

In his spare time, Suresh enjoys going to movies, visiting parks, and traveling with his family. He’s also very athletic, and likes playing all kinds of sports. “I love playing cricket and soccer,” Suresh says. “And I’ve been learning new games these days, like tennis, disc golf, and fast-pitch softball.”

“I really enjoy working with IBS,” Suresh says. “My colleagues are always so helpful, which I appreciate.”

Lightning Round

Favorite Movie: 300

Favorite TV Show:
Game of Thrones

Favorite Musician:
A.R. Rahman

Describe your ideal meal: Chicken in any form with rice and naan bread