Why Is Low Turnover So Important?

The considerable gains achieved by an offshore model don’t happen overnight. And the companies that reap the greatest benefits are those that stick with it. It takes time for the offshore team to learn your business, your industry, and your procedures. Once the team is up-to-speed, the more efficient and productive they become. Conversely, when team members leave and new ones come on, you lose the increased productivity due to ramp-up time, and the cost advantages associated with going offshore are lost.

IBS is proactive in maintaining lower-than-average turnover rates:

  • We provide staff with career growth opportunities and a competitive, enjoyable work environment. Family, community and work/life balance are an important part of company culture.
  • Our staff members are considered an extension of our client's team working alongside them each day, not a faceless resource on the other side of the world.
  • Teams of IT developers are assigned “shadow resources”, who function as an additional member of the client team.  These resources are fully trained on the client project. Should the need arise, they step in seamlessly, with no interruption in progress. Team continuity is assured and there is no lost productivity.
  • Our facility is fully owned by IBS, therefore, we have the flexibility to manage and motivate our teams as the best possible employer.

Case Study

IBS put together an offshore team of Java, Oracle, and QA professionals to help an automotive fleet solutions company.

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Industry Research

Utilizing offshoring for your application maintenance has more benefits than just saving your company money.

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Here at IBS, we model our offshore solutions based off of a "people-first" philosophy.

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