Offsite Staffing Project Quickly Builds Mainframe Team

The Client

A nonprofit organization with nearly 40 million members that advocates for the 50-and-over population, fighting for individuals and their families at the local, state and national levels. They also advocate for consumers in the marketplace by affiliating the company name with products and services that benefit its members.

The Challenge

The client required an experienced team of mainframe developers to manage the backend of a project designed to help boost registration numbers. They aimed to do this by bundling memberships in with the purchase of other products they offered.

However, they did not want to exhaust internal IT resources for the job, nor did they want to utilize internal HR resources to build the team. Space restrictions were also an issue, as the client was, at the time, attempting to rearrange offices to make room for this team at their location in California.

The Solution

Utilizing space at its Livonia, Michigan location, Interactive Business Systems (IBS) proposed putting a remote team of six mainframe developers onsite at IBS instead of occupying the client’s office space.

IBS quickly built an experienced team of developers that work together at one location, but remotely from the client.
The client turned to IBS’ team to provide insight for the project and help develop a plan. The team monitored the plan throughout the project, providing flexibility and modifying it when necessary.

The team was responsible for:

  • Writing all of the code for the project, including transactional and backend
  • Helping write program specs
  • Migrating Big Data from DB2 database to Oracle-based NetSuite
  • Building a SharePoint intranet site for internal use to store project documentation, research, specs, training materials, and more

The Results

IBS vetted and built the entire development team in a matter of weeks, saving the client time and hiring resources. Setting up a remote team at IBS kept client costs down while still having a team that works together in one location.

The SharePoint intranet organizes all necessary project documents, and helps bring new team members up-to-speed on all aspects of the project quickly.  In addition to improving ramp-up speed, this approach also avoids a costly orientation process onsite at the client’s California location.

The client now has a dedicated team of six mainframe developers working remotely from IBS’ location in Michigan, and is free to visit and physically oversee this team.

Initial successes have brought about further expansion of the development team: four more developers are working onsite at the client’s location in California, with two more in Washington, DC.

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Technologies used:

  • SharePoint
  • Oracle
  • DB2