Talented QA Tester Placed Quickly Admidst Holiday Season

The Client

Marketing Innovators (MI) is a full-service people performance management and measurement company. MI is a trusted partner to Fortune 500 and Private 2000 companies looking to motivate and retain employees, partners and customers.

The Challenge

MI utilizes incentive and recognition programs to help improve client performance. These programs are custom-tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. During the holiday season, MI’s IT organization faced a pressing deadline to complete a customization for one of their clients amidst the frenzy of the holiday season, and decided to contract additional help in order to get it rolled out on time. On December 23rd MI reached out to Interactive Business Systems with a requirement for a QA Tester that needed to be filled within just a few days.

The Solution

Within six hours of receiving the job description, IBS was able to present several qualified candidates, conduct screenings over the phone, devise and revise a contract, and sign a QA Tester on for MI’s project. This QA Tester had recently ended a project with another of IBS’ clients, and had a stellar 3+ year track record with IBS, making them the perfect candidate for MI’s customization project.

The Results

IBS delivered and signed a quality candidate in less than a day during the holiday season, helping MI’s IT organization meet their client’s customization deadline. MI gained a talented QA tester for the project without the added worry of expending the time, resources, and money required to find the right person.

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Case Study

It took less than a day during the stressful holiday season for IBS to find the perfect consultant for a client.