Single Page Architecture Expands Application Functionality

The Client

A startup company that provides Horse Management Software for Thoroughbred, Equestrian and General Farm Trainers, Managers and Owners.

The Challenge

The client had recently launched a tablet based equine care application. This application put all the tools an equine care professional might need into one convenient location. The initial rollout was created strictly for Windows 8 tablets, but they soon realized that sales were being lost because of a lack of cross-platform functionality.

To better serve all potential customers, the client made the decision to supplement their native Windows application with a cloud based web version that would provide a cross-platform solution. The new cloud based solution was implemented in a single page architecture (SPA) using Angular.js, RESTful web services, C#, and HTML 5.

The sooner the new web version of the software went to market, the more market share the client could acquire. Hence, the client set a realistic yet aggressive project go live date of six months.

However, the client lacked the resources and the technical expertise in Angular.js, SPA, and RESTful web services to complete the project on time, so additional team members would be required for the deadline to be feasible. That is where Interactive Business Systems (IBS) came into the picture.

The Solution

IBS reviewed the project and provided two senior Programmer Analysts to work alongside the client’s existing product development team. Both IBS consultants hit the ground running, reviewing the project scope with the client and dividing all of the product features into three categories – small, medium, and large – to create efficient timelines.

The IBS consultants have extensive hands-on experience with building Angular.js apps, and during every phase of the agile process, they shared their Angular.js and RESTful web services knowledge with the client’s development team. They worked on the project remotely while successfully ensuring Pontac knew exactly what they were working on at all times. Additionally, they built the web interface in HTML5 and CSS3.

All of the desired objectives were delivered on time and within the budget set for this inclusive SPA application.

The Results

IBS provided technical expertise that worked well with Pontac’s IT staff to deliver a cross-platform Angular.js web application built with a single page architecture. This allowed the client to successfully expand their business to a new portion of the market.

The VP of Information Technology for the client said, “I feel like we assembled an outstanding team, and what we’ve accomplished over the last 5-6 months has been incredible. It’s a tribute to what can happen when thoughtful, passionate, energetic and dedicated people all get behind an idea.”

The client’s leadership was so impressed by the quality and speed of the output, that once the SPA application went live, IBS was engaged to provide ongoing support. That’s a sign of true satisfaction. 

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Technologies used:

  • Front End
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Angular.js
  • Back End
    • Web API
    • RESTful Web Services
    • C#
    • Azure Services
  • Integration
    • Jockey Club System