The Business Casual | April 2016


Issue 1

A how-to on keeping millennials happy, a one-on-one interview with our founder & CEO, and a crossword puzzle.

The Business Casual: Strictly business, but totally cool about it.

I Don't Need an IT Staffing Firm... Do I?
While we're inclined to say "Of course you do!" (duh) you should make that call for yourself. We've got a few things for you to consider.

Interview with Dan Williams - Founder & CEO of IBS
Dan Williams founded IBS in 1981, but did you know that it was initially set up as a temporary business as he sought a new job?

Ask Arturo
Our Advice Guru teaches you how not to freeze during an interview, and how to kindly nudge your employee to... improve their hygiene.

Courting the Commitment-phobic Millenial (and Getting them to Stay)
Millennials are a completely new beast, and they're slowly taking over the job market. If you want to attract them, you're going to have to think outside the box.

3 Scary Words: Contract-to-Hire
There are definitely some positives and negatives to accepting a contract-to-hire position. The question that remains: Is it right for you?

Confession: How Push-ups Improved My Sales
While it might sound crazy, learning how to do push-ups can be a lot like learning how to create a lasting relationship with a new client. And it's not just about perseverance.

Geeky Fun
Who doesn't love a crossword puzzle? Fill it out for a chance to win a $25 gift card!

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