The Business Casual | Summer 2017


Issue 6

Learning new tech skills, dealing with a stagnated job search, and the importance of having a little fun this summer. Oh, and pictures of our dogs.

The Business Casual: Strictly business, but totally cool about it.

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks: Learning IT Skills
HTML, open source, JavaScript...there are tons of new programming skills out there to learn and to have fun doing it!

The Importance of 401k(9)'s
401(k)'s are confusing...but luckily, one of our star recruiters has created a handy cheat sheet.

Searching for Jobs During the Dog Days of Summer: Patience Required!
The job search is frustrating enough, but throwing in flexible schedules and PTO takes it to a whole new level. Here's how to stay motivated.

Pressing “Paws”: The Importance of Using Your Paid Time Off
There are so many personal and professional benefits to taking a why do 55% of Americans choose NOT to?

Treat Yourself: Appreciating Summer as an Adult
Just because you're in the working world doesn't mean summers can't be fun. Check out these tips on how to spice up your workday during the warm months.

Ask Arturo
For a lot of people, coming up with questions to ask your potential employer is the scariest part of the interview. Fortunately, our advice guru Arturo is back to help you out.

Dogs of IBS
What would a "dog days of summer"-themed newsletter be without a bunch of pictures of our dogs? Meet the furry friends of IBS!

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