The Business Casual | October 2016


Issue 3

Resume red flags, an interview with IBS' CFO, and identifying your client's pain point.

The Business Casual: Strictly business, but totally cool about it.

An Interview with Frank Carroll
Get to know IBS' CFO inside and outside the office. 

Resume Red Flags
Resumes can be tricky; luckily, this article from an IBS recruiter tells you exactly what you should and shouldn't do.

Cutting Edge Technology
Check out these 10 up-and-coming things to keep an eye on.

Confessions of a New Account Executive
Whether they realize it or not, your clients/consultants have a pain point, and only you can provide the fix.

5 Ways to Nail Your Next Interview
Don't sweat it -- your next interview will be a breeze if you follow these five tricks.

Applying for Jobs via Mobile
Using your cell phone to apply for jobs is a relatively new concept, but one that employers need to begin to embrace today.

Ask Arturo
Everyone's favorite advice guru coaxes you through a scary situation: what happens when you hate your new job?

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